What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

Christian Health Service Corps
• Taking care of the poor in 14 countires
• 20 hospitals across the globe
• Northwest Bangladesh treats more than 60,000 patients per year
Christian Leadership Alliance
• Influencing the thinking, behavior and professional development of over 150,000 Christ-centered leaders each year
• Representing over 1,200 different nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions and businesses
• 24/7 access to Christ-centered video and radio programs
Christian Missionary Fellowship International
• Serving in 25 countries
• Bringing holistic change to more than 12,000 sponsored children
• 109 special projects in progress
Christian Veterinary Mission
• 49 veterinarians and teams stationed in 20 countries
• Last year 10,869 people attended training and 416 of them accepted Christ
• Tended to 10,367 animals in 1 county in Kenya alone
Church of the Nazarene
Organization Name
• Home to about 2.5 million members
• 30,574 churches planted
• Serves in 162 world areas
Circle of Protection
Organization Name
• 36,000 people fasted to protect hunger and poverty programs
• 80 church leaders released a Unity Declaration on Racism and Poverty
• Over 100 Christian leaders asked presidential candidates to produce a video outlining what they would do for the poor and needy
Compassion International
Organization Name
• Partnering with over 7,500 evangelical churches
• Serves in 25 countries around the world
• Holistic child development program serves over 2 million babies, children and young adults
Convoy of Hope
Organization Name
• Serving 126 countries
• Distributed $971 million worth of food and supplies
• 622,000 volunteers mobilized in the US
CornerStone International, Inc.
• 225+ expert consultants
• 58 global offices
• 36 countries
Creating Jobs
Organization Name
• Co-creating entrepreneurs in 12 languages
• Wrote a book for starting businesses and a book for growing businesses
• Training entrepreneurs in 5 countries
Crisis Aid International
Organization Name
• Provided more than 16.9 million pounds of food
• Served 2.5 million adults and malnourished children
• Rescued more than 1,369 girls age 4 to 30 years old from sex trafficking
Organization Name
• Established in over 22 countries
• 15 different professions to get involved with
• Wrote A Better Way to help others make disciples
Crown Ministries
Organization Name
• Helped 50+ million live a stress free life with purpose
• Translated resources into more than 120 languages
• Sold 12 million copies of their 70 books
Organization Name
• 8 hospitals in places where care is most needed and least available
• 3 million outpatient visits
• 200,000 surgical procedures
Dave Ramsey
Organization Name
• 15 million reached weekly through The Dave Ramsey Show
• 7 bestselling books
• 6 million lives changed through Financial Peace University
Eastern Mennonite Mission
Organization Name
• 34 groups of churches have been formed or developed
• 450,000 members within the churches
• Served in 109 countries
Ethnos 360
Organization Name
• More than 3,000 missionaries
• Missionaries from nearly 30 countries
• Training programs in more than 12 countries
Food for the Hungry
Organization Name
• 59,990 children sponsored and 16 church partnerships in Africa
• 111 current communities affected in Asia
• Your donation can go 22 times further with the 22x match fund
Free Methodist Church of North America
• Over 1 million total members
• 15,278 global churches
• In 90 countries
Friends in Action
Organization Name
• Drilled more than 300 wells to provide clean water and the Gospel to more than 150,000 West Africans
• Medical teams treated over 1,200 people in Bolivia and Brazil and 100 accepted Christ
• Taught leadership and financial stewardship lessons and over 160 graduates are now in key leadership positions in their homeland ministries

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