What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

CAMA Services
• Reached out to 100,000 Syrian refugees in the neighboring country of Jordan
• Serve 60-80 outpatients a day with 30-35 surgical operations a month
• Sent 3 new CAMA workers this year to serve the Rohingya people
Child Legacy International
• Brought world-class healthcare services to over 150,000 people in Malawi
• Graduated over 10,000 students with over 80% retaining income-earning jobs today in Zimbabwe
• Repaired over 2,700 wells, benefiting over 5 million people in Malawi
Christian Missionary Fellowship International
• Serving in 25 countries
• Bringing holistic change to more than 12,000 sponsored children
• 109 special projects in progress
Mission to the World (PCA)
• Representing 85 countries around the globe
• Over 300 projects underway
• Send over 700 missionaries
• Our mobile web app lets you sort through 3,970 languages to read the bible
• We built and now help 100,000 visitors a year find a Bible in a foreign language
• Created a website that delivers original Arabic videos and radio programs and invites response

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