Poverty Alleviation

What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

Child Legacy International
• Brought world-class healthcare services to over 150,000 people in Malawi
• Graduated over 10,000 students with over 80% retaining income-earning jobs today in Zimbabwe
• Repaired over 2,700 wells, benefiting over 5 million people in Malawi
Children’s Hope Chest
• 10,750+ children sponsored
• 34,000+ children served
• Over 15,500 letters exchanged
Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF)
• Clinics throughout the US
• 10 health clinics attain FQHC or FQHC-LA status
• Annual conference had more than 650 in attendance from 34 states
Christian Health Service Corps
• Taking care of the poor in 14 countires
• 20 hospitals across the globe
• Northwest Bangladesh treats more than 60,000 patients per year
Circle of Protection
• 36,000 people fasted to protect hunger and poverty programs
• 80 church leaders released a Unity Declaration on Racism and Poverty
• Over 100 Christian leaders asked presidential candidates to produce a video outlining what they would do for the poor and needy

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