What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

Children’s Hope Chest
• 10,750+ children sponsored
• 34,000+ children served
• Over 15,500 letters exchanged
Christian Leadership Alliance
• Influencing the thinking, behavior and professional development of over 150,000 Christ-centered leaders each year
• Representing over 1,200 different nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions and businesses
• 24/7 access to Christ-centered video and radio programs
Crown Ministries
• Helped 50+ million live a stress free life with purpose
• Translated resources into more than 120 languages
• Sold 12 million copies of their 70 books
Dave Ramsey
• 15 million reached weekly through The Dave Ramsey Show
• 7 bestselling books
• 6 million lives changed through Financial Peace University

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