Christian Leadership Alliance


What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

Christian Leadership Alliance
• Influencing the thinking, behavior and professional development of over 150,000 Christ-centered leaders each year
• Representing over 1,200 different nonprofit ministries, churches, educational institutions and businesses
• 24/7 access to Christ-centered video and radio programs
Circle of Protection
Organization Name
• 36,000 people fasted to protect hunger and poverty programs
• 80 church leaders released a Unity Declaration on Racism and Poverty
• Over 100 Christian leaders asked presidential candidates to produce a video outlining what they would do for the poor and needy
Crisis Aid International
Organization Name
• Provided more than 16.9 million pounds of food
• Served 2.5 million adults and malnourished children
• Rescued more than 1,369 girls age 4 to 30 years old from sex trafficking
International Justice Mission
• Partners with local authorities in 19 program offices in 11 countries
• Largest anti-slavery organization in the world
• Rescue operation in India freed 29 people who were forced to chop wood for the last six years
International Ministries – ABC/USA
• 123 global servants around the globe
• 900+ volunteers mobilized for the mission
• 250+ global partners in 30 countries

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