Disaster Relief

What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

Child Legacy International
• Brought world-class healthcare services to over 150,000 people in Malawi
• Graduated over 10,000 students with over 80% retaining income-earning jobs today in Zimbabwe
• Repaired over 2,700 wells, benefiting over 5 million people in Malawi
Convoy of Hope
• Serving 126 countries
• Distributed $971 million worth of food and supplies
• 622,000 volunteers mobilized in the US
Gospel for Asia
• More than 70,000 needy children get a daily meal and regular medical checkups for their physical health and development
• Helped 241,732 families through income-generating and quality-of-life gifts last year
• 4,712 Jesus Wells in villages throughout Asia in one year
Habitat for Humanity
• Currently working in more than 70 countries
• Helping more than 29 million people with improved living conditions
• More than 1.4 million volunteers helped build, advocate and raise awareness for global shelter
International Ministries – ABC/USA
• 123 global servants around the globe
• 900+ volunteers mobilized for the mission
• 250+ global partners in 30 countries

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