Church Planting

What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

Bible Basics International
Organization Name:
• Send 3 teams to Honduras each year
• 1000 lives impacted each year through medical professionals
• 8 trips over 4 years to train Biblical leaders
Brethren in Christ World Missions
• 600 churches planted in 18 countries
• 50,000 church members across the globe
• 5 short-term mission trips planned for 2020
Camino Global
Organization Name:
• 266 missionaries were personally involved in discipling 6,000+ individuals in more than a dozen countries over the past year
• 12 million Spanish speakers in over 100 countries reached through online ministry, ObreroFiel, and ministry partnership, Got Questions
• 1,000+ Latin American pastors were trained in effective discipleship through our Transformation of the Church seminars
Organization Name:
• Reach people of several different religions including Hinduism
• Minister in 6 continents
• Churches that have been planted continue to reproduce
Christian Missionary Fellowship International
• Serving in 25 countries
• Bringing holistic change to more than 12,000 sponsored children
• 109 special projects in progress

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