Child Development

What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

Africa Inland Mission
• Establishing Christ-centered churches in over 20 African nations
• 180 congregations & 123,000 members in South Sudan and Sudan alone
• 20 new unreached people groups to be reached by 2020
• Reaching more than 4 million kids in 56,000 churches around the world
• Serving in over 120 countries
• Training 32,000 new leaders in the US and internationally in one year
CAMA Services
• Reached out to 100,000 Syrian refugees in the neighboring country of Jordan
• Serve 60-80 outpatients a day with 30-35 surgical operations a month
• Sent 3 new CAMA workers this year to serve the Rohingya people
Camino Global
• 266 missionaries were personally involved in discipling 6,000+ individuals in more than a dozen countries over the past year
• 12 million Spanish speakers in over 100 countries reached through online ministry, ObreroFiel, and ministry partnership, Got Questions
• 1,000+ Latin American pastors were trained in effective discipleship through our Transformation of the Church seminars
Child Evangelism Fellowship
• 25,478,771 children reached
• Products are translated into over 200 different languages and distributed around the world
• Over 2,900 missionaries overseas

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