Bible Translation

What organization is the Lord encouraging you to explore? Pray.

• Our mobile web app lets you sort through 3,970 languages to read the bible
• We built and now help 100,000 visitors a year find a Bible in a foreign language
• Created a website that delivers original Arabic videos and radio programs and invites response
Trans World Radio
• Speaking hope to the world in 230 languages by radio
• 190 countries being reached
• 2000 different outlets used to reach the world
World Missionary Press
• Producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets in more than 345 languages in 210 countries
• Printing approximately 7,500,000 Scripture booklets each month
• Every donated dollar can reach more than 20 people anywhere in the world with the life-saving, life-changing Gospel
Wycliff Associates
• 254 completed New Testaments using MAST
• 1,200 translations in progress
• Currently accelerating Bible translations in 101 countries
Wycliffe Bible Translators
• At least 400 language projects already completed in the Americas
• 127 projects funded last year
• Pursuing a Bible translation project started in every language by 2025

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