Vision is often born out of a burden of “what should be”. In 2015, God transitioned Jeff Hostetter out of Elexio, a church software company he co-founded, to follow God’s call and be more involved in the developing country of Honduras.

During this journey, there were many months of internet searches, emails, rabbit trails, phone calls, “you should talk with this person”, meetings, conferences, and more – trying to understand and get clarity about what was happening in Honduras. What impact was being accomplished? Who was involved? What organizations were collaborating? There were no resources to help.

Out of this challenging experience, God gave Jeff the vision to research, collect, and build a kingdom clearinghouse that would help others. Imagine exploring kingdom work opportunities that resonate with you and having clear ways to get involved. Imagine viewing a map of the world, and then exploring any continent to gain perspective on what God is doing there, and then getting involved.

No need to imagine any more. The dream is a reality. Please use this resource and pass it along to others.

Mission: To involve people in globally fulfilling the great commission, doing good works, and poverty alleviation.

Vision: To have every follower of Jesus Christ using their time, talent, and treasure for maximum kingdom impact.

Values: Sacrifice, Involvement, Collaboration

Next Steps
1. Promote the site through networks, churches, at gatherings, and online
2. Inspire people to explore the site and take action (examples: pray, serve, give, work)
3. Reach out to organizations featured on the site to seek greater collaboration
4. Add hundreds more kingdom work opportunities

Be one of 10 Kingdom Catalysts to contribute $500 to accomplish these next steps. Would you please pray and consider this opportunity to multiply your kingdom impact. Please contact us.

If you’d like to explore other ways you can help, or have your voice be heard, or be a part of the Kingdom Impact Now team – please contact us.

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